Legacy of MARDEC

The Legacy of MARDEC: Origin, Development and Contributions to the Natural Rubber Industry, authored by Jeyaraj C. Rajarao, delves deep into the many steps that were taken in the early days to ensure Malaysia’s prime position in the rubber industry. It also touches up on the many pitfalls and problems arising from unnecessary competition among various agencies. The excellently researched book was launched on November 23, 2013 by Tun Musa Hitam, the former Minister of Primary Industries (who later became the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia) in a unique way. By tapping the module of a rubber tree, the book slid out to the great delight and applause of the audience.

This very valuable book, rich with information not readily known, highlights the importance of the welfare of the smallholders, the improved processing of their produce, the expansion of consumer markets and the more than catalyst role MARDEC played to initiate and encourage NR product manufacture.

Price: US$ 50

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