APC 2018 Delegate Pass


Powertrain is the heart of any vehicle and its efficiency translates directly into the reduction in the cost of ownership for private vehicles and operating economy as in the case of commercial vehicles. In spite of motor vehicle being in vogue for more than 130 years, the efficiency of any internal combustion engine has not reached beyond 60 percent, till date. With the talks of depleting fossil fuel and greenhouse gas effect, scientists and engineers are challenged to develop an improvised IC engine or alternate propulsion. Therefore, the scope for improvement is huge and this is the impetus for AutoParts Asia to organise Asian Powertrain Conference. The two-day event will strive to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the emerging scenario and help create a roadmap for the powertrain of the future. Some of the topics include: Fuel Injection Management; Optimising Thermal Management; Role of Exhaust and Transmission in Optimising Overall Efficiency; Alternate Propulsion – Relevance to Emerging Markets etc.,

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